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Patient,s Feedback

Every mother wants their babies to be born healthy and without any complications, so when my son, was sent to the NICU , I was scared. Thankfully, my husband and I knew that the Level II NICU was capable of making sure our little guy received the care that he needed. The staff rose to the occasion to comfort and ease our fears, making sure we were informed of any bit of progress he made. We can’t thank the extraordinary staff at Doctors Hospital enough for getting my little guy happy, healthy and home.

Single-room maternity care. Customized birth plans. Parenatal education. Breastfeeding support. I came to Doctors because they have so many options. I created my own birth plan, and the incredible doctors and nurses were with me every step of the way, supporting my birth and postpartum choices. We stayed in one room from labor until we left the hospital, and the nurses got us started on breastfeeding right after my son was born. Doctors is so different from other hospitals — they really care. I’m so thankful.