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Specialized Surgical Facilities

All the following facilities are present which would make the most difficult surgery possible and very easy thereby increasing the safety for the patient.

  • Full endoscopic surgery facilities
  • Complete hysteroscopy and laparoscopy equipment from top of the line Richard wolf, morcellator, xenon light sources and high flow units
  • Multiparameter and single parameter patient monitoring units for intra operative as well as post operative monitoring to increase safety
  • Anaesthesia ventilator for smoother and safer anaesthesia
  • ET CO2 monitor for safety during laparoscopic and other general anaesthesia surgeries
  • Ultracision Harmonic Ace- the latest endosurgical operating equipment which uses ultrasonic energy to coagulate [stop bleeding] and cut tissues at the time of laparoscopy
  • Ligasure vessel sealing system 3 CCD High Definition endoscopy camera with Xenon light source and HD dual monitor system. The dual monitor system makes it easy for the surgeon, assistant as well as staff and anaesthetist to view the surgery from any location in the operation theater which increases comfort and safety during surgery
  • Defibrillator for emergency cardiac conditions
  • Remote controlled electro hydraulic C-Arm compatible operation table for complete operators comfort

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